Mirjam Guesgen

Freelance Science Writer

I am a freelance science writer currently based in Toronto, Canada, with a particular interest in animal welfare.

I love communicating complex, scientific ideas in an engaging, balanced, thought-out and informative way.


I am a freelance science journalist with an interest in stories that examine an issue from many angles: science, law, culture, psychology or philosophy.

My work has been published in New York Magazine, Vice/Motherboard, Seeker, Aeon, The Record, Maisonneuve, Slic/ed by FED, The New Zealand Herald, The Conversation Canada and VetScript magazine. I regularly write for the YouTube channel SciShow as well as my own dedicated science channel ScienceWrapNZ. My features on health issues in pug dogs and livestock diagnostic technology were front-cover stories. My article on animal facial expression has been shared worldwide, earning more than 150,000 reads.

Before I became a full-time writer, I received my PhD in Zoology from Massey University, New Zealand and went on to complete a Postdoctoral Fellowship at the University of Alberta, Canada. I have published nearly a dozen scientific publications ranging in topic from describing lamb facial expressions to how to measure emotion using motion capture technology.