Mirjam Guesgen

Freelance Science Writer

I am a freelance science writer currently based in Toronto, Canada, with a particular interest in animal welfare.

I love communicating complex, scientific ideas in an engaging, balanced, thought-out and informative way.

03/08/2017 Article in The Western Producer

10/07/2015 Interview on Seven Sharp

15/05/2015 Interview on The Farming Show

13/05/2015 Article in NZ Herald

13/05/2015 Interview in Manawatu Standard

27/08/2014 Featured in pheno (Allan Wilson Centre newsletter)

25/07/14 Dominion Post article

30/05/14 Radio NZ National Rural News

Transcript of audio:

A Massey University scientist says farmers could boost productivity by keeping sibling animals together during painful procedures such as docking and castration.
A PhD candidate, Mirjam Guesgen, has discovered lambs feel less pain when their siblings are close by.
Ms Guesgen says it is not clear why that happens, but a similar effect can be seen in human babies when they go though painful procedures if their mother is nearby. 
She says reducing pain can boost productivity because the animal wastes less energy dealing with stress. Ms Guesgen also notes improved welfare can be a selling point for farmers.